Yui Hatano

24th May 1988 Tokyo, Japan


Yui Hatano is a Japanese AV idol, model, actress and idol singer. Boasting one of the longest and most prolific careers in Japanese pornography, Hatano has made appearances in over 2000 adult films so far, thus making her one of the most popular and recognizable faces in AV. Her popularity crossed over into mainstream entertainment and international territories as well, earning her the nickname “Sekai no Hatano”. As of 2019 she is represented by the AV agency T-Powers. She is also a member of the idol group T♡Project.

Born on May 24, 1988 in Tokyo but raised in Kyoto, Hatano made her debut in the adult industry in 2008, when she first appeared in Amateur Or More ZERO, Less Than Actress 07 on July 3, 2008, under the Zero label of the AV company Prestige which specialized in finding and introducing amateur girls into the industry. Prior to performing in adult films, she had graduated from a cosmetology school, and had initially thought of becoming a gravure idol. However the competitive and low-paying world of gravure forced her to look for a more lucrative career which happened to be performing in adult films.

Hatano’s first releases were on a monthly schedule under the Prestige, h.m.p. and Befree labels, however her popularity began to quickly rise and she began to appear at other companies like Attackers, Moodyz and Soft on Demand as well. Due to her matured looks she has often been cast into jukojo or “older sister” type roles. She also became known for her flexible role-playing and willingness to appear in more hardcore genres. Hatano also regularly appears in ensemble cast AV’s and maintains a close relationship with other actresses like Chihiro Hara, AIKA, Ai Uehara, Tomoda Ayaka and Ruka Kanae. Her most notable working relationship is her friendly rivalship with fellow popular AV idol Hibiki Ōtsuki. Their pair “HibiHata” is well known in the industry and they appeared in dozens of adult film since 2013. In 2014, she won the Best Actress award in the 2014 DMM Adult Awards.

Hatano’s output and regular AV appearances only increased in time, and by 2019 she appeared in over 2400 AV’s. She also appeared in numerous uncensored porn scenes that were distributed outside of Japan, making her one of the more known Japanese porn stars in the West.

Hatano also became popular in Singapore and Taiwan, where she is regarded as a lookalike for the popular Taiwanese actress and model Lin Chi-ling. In a 2018 compilation of AV sales on Japanese e-commerce retailer FANZA, Hatano ranked first in the Top 10 digital downloads chart. She achieved the same feat in 2019 as well, with both at the physical and digital sales.

Hatano has had opportunities to work outside of the Japanese AV industry. She played a part in the 2013 movie Sou shen ji, a collection of short supernatural stories. She was also cast in a lead role in the 2015 Taiwanese film Sashimi.

In addition, she dabbled in the music industry when she joined musical idol group me-me*, which also featured AV idols Shiori Kamisaki, Ruka Kanae, and Maika. They launched a crowdfunding campaign for their first album via Japanese crowdfunding website Campfire on November 1, 2015. me-me* held their final concert on March 20, 2016. Currently she’s part of the idol unit T♡Project with Hibiki Ōtsuki and Ruka Kanae.